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Hello, I'm A.Prashanth Narasimhan, an aspiring novelist, screenwriter, animator, stargazer, in short a dreamer and a story teller. I'm also one of those guys who has an opinion for practically everything, whether I know a subject or not. But mostly I do try to learn about the subject that I'm trying to speak about. But who shall give me the platform to express my opinion? So I decided to create my own platform. This blog will be the place where I will exhibit extracts of my novels, short stories, essays and poetry. I shall also give out my thoughts on a variety of subjects here, including Literature, Science, Movies, Politics, Video Games, Religion, etc. Hope the readers of this blog find it entertaining, educating and thought provoking. The one thing that I would like to request to the visitors, is that everything written here are solely my own opinions, thoughts and ideas and so please do not copy contents from here (whether you find it interesting or boring). Good or bad, what is mine, is mine..."Thievery of thoughts is the greatest of sins". I would also try to give credit to the rightful owners of particular ideas and concepts, if I indeed use them to explain something, by quoting their names. So enjoy reading and feel free to express your own opinions on anything through the comment section...

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