Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Think over...Not over think!

Sarvam Sree Krishnaarpanam Astu

Think over… Not over think!

Think Think Think!
You think more than you blink!
Go have a refreshing drink,
Before into the thoughts you sink!

So many thoughts flood your mind,
And on and on they keep on the grind.
So much of the future they want to unwind;
So much of the past they want to rewind.

Go have an intense and numbing work out,
To stop the mind from working itself out.
No need to fight the mind, one bout after bout;
Nor try to analyse what the thoughts are all about.

Gurus say try to keep the mind blank
But all my weapons, keep drawing blank.
And the mind goes on, crikkity clank clank!
Oh I so desperately want to, jump off the plank!

Why is there in my head so much unwanted noise?
Why can’t the mind move with the pace of a tortoise?
All I am losing, is my composure and poise.
No commandments to help, my dear Moise?

My last resort, to pour it all into verse
Before my messy head gets any worse.
My mind I need to heal and nurse.
Instead of emptying the little in my purse.

Anxiety! What an unbearable curse!
Almighty! Why don’t you end it terse?
Before into the depths of madness, I immerse!
To make You help, I can’t any further coerce.

Oh so aloof will You remain?
Till I become totally insane?
Alrighty then! I’ll stop to converse!
Right away! Right now! Will I disperse!

All I have is my miserable writing
To not give up and keep on fighting
Let’s see how long it lasts, this painful biting
Dreadful, miserable, unwanted and affrighting!

Not so soon, I would lose my hope.
No matter what, I will keep on trying to cope.
The walk will continue on, on this tightrope.
Just give up and fall? My answer… Nope!

-A. Prashanth Narasimhan

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