Monday, July 15, 2013

A Child's Error

A Child’s Error:
In the very beginning of everything
There was One child with infinite powers
With it He could do anything
At His will, everything were to occur

The One Child was so bored
That he decided to do something creative
A world he created at his accord
That was astoundingly impressive

He created beings of all sort
Those unseen even in the heavens
And just for some more sport
He created us humans.

Humans, although seemingly beautiful and handsome
And given the power to act on their will
Were naturally very much troublesome
And all they did was kill

Not only did they kill fearsome beasts
They killed their very own kin.
Though the former were just for feasts
The latter were great sins.

The child was so mad with anger
That he decided to destroy what he had created
He can just not bear them any longer
And it was for long, he had tolerated

Moments away from apocalypse
The child realised he could not do it
It was his love for them that came to eclipse
The more acts of destruction that they were to commit

“There has to be another way”
Thought the lone little boy
And for long, he was in great dismay
Till the solution finally arrived, giving him great joy.

The only way to stop all the fighting
And bring some well needed unity
Was the creation of powers, worth fearing
Making the humans, forget all their enmity

The child created two powerful humans
Gave them the aura of great makings
And everything needed to make them supreme chieftains
Declaring them, the all governing kings

People were naturally drawn towards them
Every man submitted himself to the two Lords
And refused to do anything that they might condemn
That’s how peace was thought to have been restored

Everything seemed to have turned peaceful
The little child heaved a sigh of relief
Till things, very soon, turned dreadful
Contrary to the little child’s belief

Men of one king turned against the other
As the kings themselves quarreled
On who among them, was better
The child’s plan getting annulled

More leaders and kings rose from mankind
And they did nothing to quell the chaos
But with the chaos, they entwined
Making the little child, very cross

So the child decided to bring himself to the party
Though not in his true form of a little child
But images of himself, that resembled him barely
Which was to make his true self, very much defiled

Select few men saw the new Gods in their dreams
And talked about them to the people they knew
Soon the existence of the new Gods spread in streams
In great numbers, the believers and followers grew

Through these new Gods, people under all the kings united
Once again there seemed to be calmness
But then again, the serenity faded
As the reasons for fighting went countless

Gods led to religions, religions led to divisions
Divisions led to complexes, complexes led to differences
Differences led to arguments, arguments split them into factions
Factions and their frictions, led to battles, meaning more corpses

“Perhaps some disasters, of great intensity
Will overwhelm their petty hatred
Clear their souls of their animosity
And make them all work together for their bread”

The little boy after giving it much thought
With the flicking of his tiny little finger
Brought upon them, hunger, famine and drought
And sat down, without much further hinder

The disasters hurt the humans as expected
And it sure did seem to stop all the squabbling
But the child’s true motive was deflected
And it just led to more babbling

Now they just had a lot more reasons to fight
From food and water to ego and pride
Desperation for survival, out there to cite
Love, family, brotherhood, completely aside

The child sat high in a cloud
With his head in his own hand
Looking at his creations, not very proud
Seeing earth having been turned into a wasteland

To bring peace, all he had to create
Was a single cause for the humans to unite
But the mere child he was, he failed to equate
What consequences, having two can ignite...

-A. Prashanth Narasimhan

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